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ડો પરાગ હોસ્પિટલ

Your Health is Valuable

Harsh Medical Centre, also known as HMC, is a hospital providing physician services in critical and routine health care issues. HMC is located at Mandvi, Kutch, Gujarat, India, 370465. Hospital is owned and managed by Dr. Parag C. Mardaniya, M.D. (Medicine) and Dr. Nirjaree P. Mardaniya, B.H.M.S.

Our mission is to create a healthy environment, which will promote personal, mental and social well being of the society.


#ડૉ પરાગ મર્દાનિયા હૉસ્પિટલ, માંડવી, કચ્છ

#Schedule of Visiting Doctors

કે. કે. પી. હૉસ્પિટલ, ભુજ

એપોઈન્ટમેંટ: 0 97267 07783

તારીખ: 6/6/2024, ગુરુવાર

તારીખ: 4/7/2024, ગુરુવાર

ડૉ. જયદત્ત ટેકાણી

હદયરોગ નિષ્ણાત

(Dr Jaydutt Tekani, Cardiologist)

તારીખ: 19/6/2024, બુધવાર

તારીખ: 17/7/2024, બુધવાર

ડૉ. મીત ઠક્કર

હદયરોગ નિષ્ણાત

(Dr Meet Thacker, Cardiologist)

સ્ટર્લિંગ હૉસ્પિટલ, ગાંધીધામ

એપોઈન્ટમેંટ: 0 98244 81550

તારીખ: 14/6/2024, શુક્રવાર

તારીખ: 28/6/2024, શુક્રવાર

ડૉ. જૈમિન સોમાણી

કિડનીરોગ નિષ્ણાત

(Dr Jaimin Somani, Nephrologist)


ડૉ. પ્રિયેશ દામાણી

કિડનીરોગ નિષ્ણાત

(Dr Priyesh Damani, Nephrologist)

તારીખ: 8/6/2024, શનિવાર

તારીખ: 22/6/2024, શનિવાર

ડૉ. હર્ષ તિલવાણી

હદયરોગ નિષ્ણાત

(Dr Harsh Tilwani, Cardiologist)

એકોર્ડ હૉસ્પિટલ, ભુજ

એપોઈન્ટમેંટ: 0 97267 07783

તારીખ: 27/6/2024, ગુરુવાર

તારીખ: 25/7/2024, ગુરુવાર

ડૉ. જીતેન્દ્ર શર્મા

હદયરોગ નિષ્ણાત

(Dr Jitendra Sharma, Cardiologist)

Harsh Medical Centre is a well known speciality medical centre of Mandvi, Kutch. It is located on Nagalpur Road, Near Dada Ni Deri, which is the prime location of Mandvi facing sea and Rukamavati river. HMC is working in its full fledge from 08 August 2010.

Dr. Parag Mardaniya and Dr. Nirjaree Mardaniya are in the back bone of this organisation. HMC is also supported by specialist doctors from different hospitals and other well wishers of the community.

Harsh Medical Centre has conquered new heights in the medical field year by year and due to keen dedication of doctors and staff, it has now became possible to achieve the highest position in the sector and locality. HMC guarantees to retain its satisfactory services and will always strive to provide industry's best to its customers. For this, continuous upgradation according to market trends are studied and implemented.

HMC provides 24 hours round the clock indoor and outdoor services for critical medical situations. We have full time availability of Physician services. Our specialist doctors are always keen to provide timely treatment with human touch. We provide affordable rates for treatment of various health problems for our patients.

We assure our patients that they will always obtain dedicated and accurate healthcare services and advise from us. Your satisfaction is our pleasure.